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2 Chainz Finds A Dinosaur Lizard In His Backyard Plus Takes Private Jet In yeezys

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I have not seen any other rapper whose days are eventful as rapper 2 Chainz days!

I mean 2 Chainz could be showing the best collections he spend millions on before he jumps on some type of a car you have never seen before to go cruising around his compound to jump out of it straight into a private jet and off he goes!

You gotta love this man for his lifestyle!

2 Chainz spotted a lizard on his backyard and if you didn’t know you would think this man is living with dinosaurs in his house! That thing was big!

But as friendly as he can get, he lets it leave and be on it’s way with no bother in the world it could be attracting snakes into his compound but that’s a story for another day!

The rapper then proceeded to take a private jet in Yeezys and took off!

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments below which rapper you think is more entertaining in terms of being spontaneous and random with the staff they do! We will check them out!

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