50 Cent Says Michael Blackson Owes Him Money He Claps Back: “You Ain’t Sh*t Modaf*cka”

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How does everybody keep falling for this? Under no circumstances should you be borrowing money from 50 Cent. There is literally no reason in the world why you should be asking Fif to front you some cash.

If you end up falling into his trap, you’ll be paying him back with heavy interest and getting your ass clowned all over social media. Just ask Teairra Mari, Jackie Long, Randall Emmett, Rotimi, and many others.

Even his friends aren’t exempt from the cyber-bullying that Curtis Jackson loves to engage in. Today, he woke up with a revelation: Michael Blackson owes him some money.

So, what’s he going to do about it? Is he going to call his friend and ask him to Venmo over some cash? Nope – 50 Cent is taking his drama to Instagram.

Filming a video of himself in bed this morning, Fiddy told his followers that comedian Michael Blackson borrowed some money from him after a recent trip to the strip club and he still hasn’t gotten his bread back.

Apparently, they were at the club together and when the comedian tried to get with some girls based on his name power alone, Curtis handed him over a few racks but Blackson ended up keeping them. Rookie mistake.

Blackson commented on the post, expressing serious regret.

“I knew I shouldn’t had took anything from this n***a, it’s been 4 days your money expired Curtis Jackson,” said Mike. “I spent most of it on the naked beech and the rest I paid for parking. Take the money out the money you going to pay me to perform at your show at the garden fuck n***a. You ain’t shit modafucka.”

Blackson and Jackson are good friends but, of course, money can destroy even the best of relationships sometimes.

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