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50 Cent Takes Jay Mazini To Burger King And They Give $30K To Staff Again

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Rapper 50 Cent took Jay Mazini to Burger King once again and they gave out another $30K to staff on that shift.

This came after 50 Cent posted a sign Burger King put up thanking him for showing love and giving their staff $30K the previous day.

Fif says then Jay Mazini told him for them to do it again and once just like the previous day it got dark, they pulled up and gave staff on duty the next day same amount!

Can you imagine working at that site, getting double shift, and making enough money as you would have for months?

That is exactly what happened to some staff at the Burger King site after they later confirmed to MM they were there even the previous day when the duo came by and dropped the first $30K.

Checkout the videos below of the two giving out the money on day 1 and day 2 and let us know what you think on the comments down below! Where should they come next?!

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