January 27, 2022

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50 Cent Takes Shots At Lil Kim In A Trolling Video Of Her Dance Moves

On Wednesday morning, 50 Cent couldn’t help but take another shot at Lil’ Kim, this time in a video posted to Instagram.

The rapper has poked fun at the legendary female emcee on numerous occasions over the years, and he did so once again a few hours ago when he shared a video of her dancing live and compared her style to that of a troll.

In the early hours of this morning, the executive producer of BMF and Power made a decision to use violence against Lil’ Kim by posting a video of her awkwardly dancing on stage next to one of the trolls doing the same thing.

This is in response to Lil’ Kim’s announcement over the weekend that she would be leaving the Feed The Streetz tour.

The Queen Bee claimed that she was “falsely advertised” as a performer on the upcoming dates after she was not featured at the Dallas leg of the tour.

She will not be participating in any other dates on the tour.

Many people will be following Mr. Papers’ social media accounts in the wake of 50 Cent’s post.

Earlier this year, Lil’ Kim’s longtime boyfriend defended her against Fif, who was after her looks. Since then, he’s shown that he’s always there for Kim when she needs him.

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