January 27, 2022

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50 Cent Talks Casting Nicki Minaj As His Lover In A Comedic Romance

“I understand her more than other people,” the “BMF” mogul asserts.

His BMF series on Starz is becoming as as, if not more, talked about than Power, cementing 50 Cent’s status as a television producer.

The rapper has made the transition from the studio to the boardroom, and he has been releasing new performances for several years.

They’ve taken over the airways and become some of the most popular shows on television, and Fif is reportedly working on new projects alongside Nicki Minaj.

50 Cent paid a visit to Renaissance Man with Jalen Rose recently and addressed a few fiery questions.

He was questioned about a rapper who he feels should pursue an acting career but doesn’t.

“DaBaby,” 50 Cent said after a little pause to choose the appropriate response.

Rose then inquired as to whether he would ever star in a romantic comedy and, if so, with whom he would want to have a love scene.

“It would be great to be in a romantic comedy with Nicki Minaj,” Fif remarked.

“I think I understand her a little better than the rest of the group. She does a lot of things—tougher she’s and more like this—but she’s being a jerk because she’s asking you not to take advantage of her.”

Minaj has yet to reply to 50 Cent’s idea, but it would be fascinating to see these two cast as lovers in a romantic comedy.

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