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50 Cent Tells T.I. He Is A Better Specimen Of A Man Than Him Reminds Him He Works For Him Now

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After the dust settles from the online jabs, fans are hoping that a Verzuz will be on the horizon.

After a few quiet weeks, 50 Cent and T.I. are back to engaging in a verbal joust. T.I. has previously called out 50 Cent to appear on Verzuz, but the New York rapper dismissed the attempt and instead, poked fun at his fellow hitmaker.

Things have come to a head once again, and fans can’t help but wonder if this is all just a well-orchestrated scene to build anticipation for the impending Verzuz battle.

On Instagram, Fif shared a photo of T.I. with a caption that reads, “Bro ya beard is not quite connecting like your music.

You do know i did 10,000,000 on the second album too.” He wasn’t quite finished.

Then, 50 Cent posted a screenshot that shows T.I. 2001 debut album I’m Serious sold 270,000 and peaked on the Billboard 200 Chart at No. 98.

“Bro, you can’t be serious. Wait i’m sorry things didn’t go the way you wanted them to but look at the bright side you gotta job.”

In his comments, T.I. wrote;

“I’m still waaaay DOPER than you dude but Pull UP tho @verzuztv.”

Fif didn’t let up and posted a photo of a bee and a fly facing off.

The picture read;

“Even if the Bee could explain to the fly why pollin is better than sh*t, the fly would not understand.”

In the caption, 50 Cent added;

“So i just want to say to you @troubleman31 Im clear you will never understand how much better i am than you are, look even my skin is darker then yours. i’m just a better specimen of a man than you punk.”

T.I. slid right into the comments and stated;

“Better than WHO? My boi MUST BE trippin ballz on dem shrooms Ole bee bop & rocksteady, yo son, no diggity face ass n*gga… Pick a DATE CURTIS‼️ #BringMeTheBully😈 @verzuztv.”

T.I. responded by just laughing at 50 Cent’s observations and asked him if he thought his two albums meant that he was hotter than him and then demanded that he be brought the bully!

I’m DYYYIIINNNN yo🤣🤣🤣Dis nigga @50cent slow af…😂😂😂he actually think he got a shot wit that one & 1/2 albums he got😂😂😂 U washed my boi. Now cmon & PULL YO YOUNG BABOON FACE ASS ON UP & GET SERVED CURTIS‼️ @verzuztv 🗣 #BringMeTheBully😈

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