January 24, 2022

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Celebrity Fashion Designer Olivier Rousteing Was Involved In A Freak Accident 12 Months Ago

Fashion designer Olivier Rousteing is a household name.

After Yves Saint Laurent left Dior in 1957, he became the youngest creative head of a major French fashion house in 2011 at age 25.

Since then, Balmain’s sales has risen dramatically, and Rousteing has established himself as one of the world’s most sought-after designers.

Many of his celebrity pals, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians, routinely don his gowns, which are recognized for their elaborate beaded embroidery and ornamentation.

And as one of the first creative directors to use social media as a means of driving brand awareness, Rousteing has helped develop Balmain’s Instagram to 11 million followers while simultaneously growing his own account to a whopping seven million followers.

Balmain commemorated Rousteing’s ten-year anniversary as creative director during Paris Fashion Week in October.

Doja Cat performed during the glitzy anniversary event, supermodels Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni walked the runway, and Beyoncé sang a song honoring his achievements.

The collection comprised bandage-style dresses as well as the designer’s typical embroidered gowns.

Those fragments reminded Rousteing of a tragic event that had occurred 12 months before. Even though he constantly updates his social media profiles with new content, he’s opted to keep this information secret until now.

Less than two weeks later, Rousteing took to Instagram to share a photo of himself on his couch, burned and bandaged from head to toe.

It was the first time in October 2020 that he mentioned a freak accident in his Paris house in his caption.

“At long last, I am ready to tell you about this. After keeping this a secret for far too long, I believe the time has come to tell you. The fireplace in my house blew out exactly one year ago today,” he stated.

Awakened the following morning at Paris’ Saint Louis Hospital, I recounted my ordeal.

Fortunately, I was treated really well by the skilled professionals at that renowned hospital, which was dealing with a staggering amount of COVID patients at the time. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to them.

In order to keep this narrative a secret from as many people as possible, I went to great lengths to keep it from my coworkers and friends.

Using face masks, long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, and jewelry, the designer covered over his scars, explaining that hiding the accident may have come from “this fixation with the perfection that fashion is known for.”.

The reason he was ashamed of his decision is unclear to him, and he says he kept busy during his rehabilitation by diving into his work in an effort to “keep the world dreaming with my collections.”

As he continued, he expressed gratitude to his teammates and family for their support during “not only my 10 years of Balmain but my rebirth.”

“This is the best day of my life. A new chapter has begun for me, and I’m looking forward to it with excitement and appreciation in my heart.”

A-listers including Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, as well as Donatella Versace and Kim Jones, expressed their admiration for Rousteing once the news was released.

Donatella Versace expressed her happiness by writing, “I’m so delighted you’re safe.”

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