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6ix9ine Baby Mama Sara Molina Exposes Him For Bribing To Have Paperwork For Child Support She Filed Disappear

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6ix9ine has completely disappeared from the streets of internet and most people are happier the polarizing personality is no longer performing his shenanigans online!

Tekashi 6ix9ine is said to have been discouraged by poor sales on his new album Tattle Tales and decided then if people did not want his work he can as well then move away.

It is interesting though because he still has his IG account pulling a lot of traction even though absent online.

Last time he was online it was after he did some tablets to help him lose weight and ended up overdosing on them and had to be admitted to hospital as we reported.

Now according to his baby mama Sara Molina, she tried to apply for child support but it what happened next that shocked her and led to stop following on the money.

She says that she filed paperwork for the same and upon follow up she was told that she never applied to her shock.

She says a woman that knew her that worked at the office told her that the paperwork had been deleted from the system and it was as if she never filed them! She used the word OBSOLETE! They were removed from the system.

Sara says she then quickly realized what had happened. The rapper must have had a hand in it causing for the paperwork to disappear.

She says she realized that she was fighting against deep pockets and decided it was not worth it and stopped the follow up.

Sara says money is power and the rapper has more than enough and so she just gave up!

Let us know on the comments down below what you make of this and what do you think Sara could do to get through and get some help from the rapper or should she let go of the whole thing like she has?

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