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6ix9ine Launches His New Tattoos Since Going Under The Radar Off Social Media

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During his time off from the spotlight, Tekashi 6ix9ine is seemingly refreshing his look. Ever since the release of TattleTales, his new studio album, Tekashi 6ix9ine has basically dropped off the face of the planet, disappearing from social media entirely.

Whether that’s a tactic to remain safe from his haters, or something completely unrelated, curious minds have been wondering what the controversial rapper is up to and, notably, why he’s not antagonizing anybody else.

Last week, a video of 6ix9ine and one of his fans hit the internet, showing the world his updated look. These days, he’s rocking his natural hair and a grown-out beard.

It appears as though he’s also getting some new ink to add to his collection, hiring a tattoo artist to permanently put Takashi Murakami’s famed flower design on his shoulder.

The tattoo is a play on Tekashi’s stage name, and it also fits with his all-rainbow-everything aesthetic. Thus, it was probably a no brainer for the “GOOBA” artist.

The piece was shown off on Mr. Rotten Apple’s Instagram page. Apple posted a video of the work in progress, filling in the yellow ink and ensuring that his client walked away with a tattoo he was proud of.

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