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6ix9ine Out Here Pressing Everyone In Person If they Cross Him Online


Keyboard warriors and internet pressers are having a difficult time with 6ix9ine because he is pulling up in real life and pressing them for their shenanigans against him online.

Two guys who tried to record videos of him and twist facts about those videos have had to deal with the rapper after he pulled up on them looking for all the smoke.

In same kind of script, he pulls up, starts recording while approaching you and looking to understand what type of smoke you want.

Well while these can be dangerous stances the rapper is taking, he is accompanied by his security team and these people must be intimidating because when he is with them it appears no one is willing to do anything to the 6ix9ine.

And so he is bullying everyone into submission before throwing some insults their way and then taking off!

Watch the clips below and let us know in the comments below when you think he will meet his match or somebody willing to defy his security walls!

By the way he continues to troll King Von at the dismay of Lil Durk, 600Breezy and Lil Reese whom he is locked into a beef with and keeps bringing King Von up to hurt them!

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