December 1, 2021

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6ix9ine Rants About Jim Jones On Clubhouse Wondering Why He Ain’t In Jail For Ordering A Hit On Him

We’re sure Jim Jones is still celebrating his performance on Verzuz alongside his Dipset group as they battled The LOX, but Tekashi 6ix9ine still has the Harlem legend in his sights.

Jones’ apparent request for 6ix9ine’s rights to be violated was released in September 2019, and the rapper has remained relatively silent about the matter since then.

6ix9ine, on the other hand, has slammed Jones at every turn, and he brought him up again when speaking on Clubhouse.

6ix9ine began this portion of the interview by stating that Jim Jones was “running with” the same individuals who Tekashi befriended.

Jones “did not take care of none of those n*ggas,” according to the rapper, who rattled out the names of their common acquaintances, many of whom were Nine Trey.

6ix9ine went on to say that when he first met those associates, they were going through a rough patch, but he was concerned about their well-being.

He can be heard shouting on Clubhouse, “Jim Jones wasn’t taking care of those n*ggas, I took care of them n*ggas!”

“On top of that, a wiretap on my case captured Jim Jones ordering the big homie Mel Matrix to get rid of my security. They don’t have a licence to carry firearms, no matter how you do it or shot at them… What’s the status of that n*gga right now?”

“How come that n*gga isn’t in prison?” 6ix9ine was interrogated.

“You tell me,” she says.

Other moderators were cautious to remark on the allegations, stating that Jones was not there to defend himself.

Despite this, 6ix9ine remained adamant, telling listeners to go online and find the footage for themselves.

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