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6ix9ine Says He Spend $1 Million On His Newest Chain


6ix9ine can get busy. He is one of the busiest when it comes to the rap scene hands down.

I mean the rapper is releasing new music, accosting Meek Mill in person, accosting his trolls at the places of their work and on top of that keeping the internet busy with his shenanigans online!

And just when you thought he is about to maybe chill and take a break, he is back with a whole other thing almost on a daily and every few hours!

The rapper claims he spend $1 million on his newest chain! While showing himself seated in a restaurant with the chain because the jeweler who made the chain probably refused to show in camera while giving it to him due to the rat label on the rapper!

Tekashi 69 addresses the camera noting that he has a new chain and rappers can’t match up to him. He goes on to reveal the price of the piece before going on a little rant telling rappers, drug dealers and other people with little chains to get out of the club when he rocks up!

This comes a day after 600Breezy told him his money was gonna run out and then they were gonna come see him when he has no security on him!

Spending a milli on a chain then is the ultimate reply to 600Breezy that he ain’t worried about no money problems!

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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