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6ix9ine Send King Von’s Sister Kaylab His Autopsy Picture And Told Her To Tell Him To Call Him


Rapper 6ix9ine send King Von’s sister Kaylab his autopsy picture and asked her to tell him to call him!

The rapper in what now appears to be evil vendetta, and what many are now considering to be some sort of mental issue he is dealing with; out right in-boxed Kaylab asking her to tell King Von to call him!

When Kaylab pushed back telling 6ix9ine off, he went off on her calling her names before then sending her his autopsy picture!

Kaylab then brought up his daughter sending insults his way before 6ix9ine backed off!

This is the most ridiculous conversation we have ever seen and it cuts down like something from a horror movie.

Check it out below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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