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Kamala Harris has left many wandering whether she actually know who 2Pac is?

During the NAACP’s virtual convention Friday, the vice-presidential nominee was asked who she believed was the “best rapper alive.”

“2Pac,” Harris said. With commentator Angela Rye, who moderated the event, quickly corrected the California senator, reminding her Pac has been dead for over two decades. “He’s not alive! You said, ‘He’s lives on…,’ Rye responded.

“I keep doing that,” Harris said with laugh. “Listen, West Coast girls think 2Pac lives on. I’m with you,” Rye added. “So 2Pac, keep going.”

Harris then took a moment to think about the “best rapper alive” question, but ultimately couldn’t come up with an answer.

She did, however, shade some hip-hop artists who she believes need to “stay in their lane.”

Harris didn’t mention any names; However, the latter part of her statement has led some to believe she was referring to Kanye West, who announced his presidential bid back in July.

“There’s so many,” she said. “There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane … Keep going. Keep moving.”

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