February 15, 2020

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88,000 People Have Already Registered For Kobe & Gigi Bryant Memorial At Staples Center


A source with knowledge tells us more than 88,000 people have already registered for memorial tickets in the first 5 hours. We’re told that number is expected to grow to several hundred thousand by Monday’s deadline.

Staples Center has a capacity of around 20,000 people with many of those tickets to be claimed by friends, family, NBA officials and others so there will be a limited number of seats and a lottery to land one.

The L.A. Lakers released ticket info for the Kobe/Gigi Celebration of Life earlier. The tickets were going for 3 different prices; $224, 2 for $224, and as we told you, the upper deck seats will go for $24.02. The 24, of course, is Kobe’s number, and 2 is Gigi’s.

People who register will receive a code Tuesday and on Wednesday at 10 AM the tickets will be released for sale. If the demand exceeds the number of tickets — which is almost certain — fans will be selected at random to participate in the sale.


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