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A Woman Was Shot As Goons Opened Fire At Dababy Video Shoot Missing Him & His Son By A Whisker

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As we reported earlier on, Dababy and his crew came under fire while on a video shoot in the hood.

As we reported before, his team were not able to confirm if anyone had been shot while the gunfire erupted but we have received more information since then!

A video shows a woman on the ground at the scene as police arrive moments after the gunfire!

Sources close to the rapper say the rapper and his son were missed by a whisker as his crew covered them and whisked them away amid heavy gunfire!

According to sources the goons who shot up the video shoot may have received information of the rapper’s location from his own video after he dropped the location on his IG as you will see on the video below.

Now it is not clear who was behind the shooting but what is clear is that they were well oiled as they offloaded more than one clip on the rapper and his crew.

Dababy would later visit Carolina Nightmare horror house to put himself under more pressure as vampires tried to get the best of his scared side!

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