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Aaron Carter looks a whole lot different than he used to. Growing up in the 90s, you may remember Aaron Carter as Nick Carter’s little brother.

He had his own catalog of hits, including “I Want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party”. The 32-year-old was one of the world’s most popular child stars, but he’s changed dramatically since then.

These days, it feels as though Aaron is holding onto relevancy through his antics, which have taken over his life.

He is still releasing music, but the people care more for what he’s doing with his appearance and personal life, including his Rihanna-inspired face tattoo and more.

This week, Aaron was back in the tabloids for trying out a new hairstyle, going Live with some box braids.

The look was well-received by his fans but, at this point, the general public seems to have given up on him. After all, he also debuted as a porn star last month.

The former child star is officially trying his hand in the porn business, and we’re not just talking about an OnlyFans account.

Aaron Carter has reportedly been putting on cam shows on CamSoda for his supporters, where he’s been stripping down to the nude and performing.

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