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AB Just Brutally Rejected Becky Miles On The Bachelorette Tonight Then He Left

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AB did decide to leave The Bachelorette on night one, much to the surprise of the other contestants.

But the rejection didn’t go down in the episode exactly as So Dramatic! as Megan Pustetto claimed — there was only one backflip and it seemed to be to impress the other men at the cocktail party.

Becky offered AB a rose, which he declined. “Becky, I’m really sorry, you’re absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately I cannot accept this rose,” he said.

She then walked him out, allowing him to offer a little more of an explanation away from the other 19 Bachie hopefuls.

“I just don’t think I’m the right person for you. It’s only right that I’m honest with you right now instead of letting you know down the road,” he continued.

“I really appreciate your honesty, for stepping up and telling us how you feel,” Becky replied before hugging him goodbye.

Becky handled the rejection with composure — even though it must hurt to be rejected as the Bachelorette on night one, before someone could’ve had the time to get to know you for more than your looks and first impression.

And especially after AB seemed to focus all his attention when he arrived on asking questions of Becky, not Elly. At least now she won’t be wasting any time with someone who isn’t fully invested in her.

Original Post: According to the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, one of Elly and Becky Miles’ suitors on The Bachelorette is expected to dump them both in the rose ceremony.

Host Megan Pustetto explained that 27-year-old filmmaker AB, who appeared on Australia’s Got Talent as part of dance crew, Equals, in 2016, was offered a rose by Becky, but he politely declined.

“He was apparently not interested in either of the girls and he rejected Becky’s rose when she gave it to him,” she explained, adding that he arrived at the mansion with a backflip.

According to a contestant who spoke to Megan, AB told the other men, “I’m a rockstar. These are not my girls. I am not interested in either of them. They are not up to my standards. If my mates saw me on this show and saw me with these two chicks, they would be embarrassed for me.”

Megan’s source says AB rejected Becky’s rose at the ceremony by saying, “Sorry Becky, I cannot accept this rose.

“Then he looked at the boys and said he was leaving, said goodbye, and then he backflipped out of there.”

But, according to Megan’s source, producers “started freaking out” about AB’s decision. “They’re like, ‘Hold on a minute, what the hell are you doing? Where are you going? Come back here.'”

Then, Becky and Elly are believed to have taken him outside to try to change his mind. “They were begging him to stay, but he said, ‘No, I want to leave,’ and he outright told them that he wasn’t interested in any of them, couldn’t see a future with them.

“He was in and out of that show faster than a Macca’s Drive-Thru,” Megan concluded.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out on the premiere episode tonight.

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