December 7, 2021

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Adele Gets Spotify To Revisit It’s Features And Remove The Shuffling Option On All Albums

Upon first hearing an album, it’s natural for some people to hit the shuffle button (rather than listening to the project from beginning to end), just as they would when listening to a random playlist, but now that Adele has stepped up to the plate,

Spotify is making an effort to combat this practise.

As most music fans are well aware, most musicians devote a significant amount of time to meticulously curating their tracklists, ensuring that their tales are delivered in the most effective manner possible for not just them as creators, but also for us, the audience.

“Following the release of 30 by @Adele, Spotify eliminated the shuffle button as the default option while listening albums,” said @PopCrave on Twitter late on November 20th.

Listeners are now required to listen to each album’s tracklist in chronological sequence. Within a short period of time, the “Chasing Pavements” artist answered, saying, “This was the only request I had in our constantly changing business!”

“We don’t put so much effort and attention into our album production and track selection just for the sake of it. Our work conveys a narrative, and our narratives should be heard in the manner in which we meant. Thank you, Spotify, for taking the time to listen,” the mother of one commented.

Adele released her highly anticipated project, 30, on Friday, and it has already began to get positive feedback from fans all around the world.

Adele is currently touring in support of the album.

The thing about the English songstresses’ music is that it transcends genres and has the ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of what they are listening to on their headphones at the time.

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