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Amber Rose Is Broke & Her Current Hubby AE Can’t Afford Her Lifestyle Hence Why She Is Onlyfans

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According to a little birdie, Amber Rose is broke and desperately started Onlyfans to get her bag up after it became apparent her current hubby AE can’t afford her lifestyle.

While we at first thought and probably half of the world thought she was driven by greed to make some of that money that other celebrities are making as she got on Onlyfans, well the tea we are getting is that the situation is different on the ground.

According to the source close to the star model, she has been footing all the bills in the house and buying all the cars as her hubby’s career continues to stall.

She is said to be so frustrated about it and finally decided something had to give.

According to society, married women can’t be as well as giving themselves to other people but Amber is said to be prepared to throw all those societal guidelines through the window and get the clothes off for the right price!

Amber according to our little birdie thought jumping on the Onlyfans wave was the wisest choice as she could play and twist her fans minds easily!

According to the birdie her plan is to make content that is not to revealing and then push her subscribers to give her more money by sending her more money if they wanted to see more and that is where the big bucks are!

When we asked what AE was thinking about all this; the little birdie told us he had not choice than to roll with it if he wanted to continue living the good life that he can’t afford.

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