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Amber Rose Spills Tea On Why Her Relationship With 21 Savage Failed Says He Is ‘Scared To Be Loved’

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While she tries to sort her failing lifestyle over broke bank account and penniless husband! Amber is still finding time to reflect on her past relationships even more!

The other day she hopped on The Red Table Talk and revealed that one of her exes forced her to have sex and went on with life like nothing had happened!

The model mogul who is currently trying to heck a living off Onlyfans has been linked to a number of high-profile entertainers including Kanye West and 21 Savage.

Rose has opened up on why her relationship with 21 Savage didn’t work and came to a sudden close back in 2018.

The launching pad for their breakup, according to Amber Rose, came when the rapper appeared at her SlutWalk holding a sign that read “I’m a hoe, too!”

The backlash for 21 Savage was heavy and Rose believes it was the beginning of their end.

“Actually that’s what he wanted to do and I think that was ultimately the demise of our relationship. I think that he was being very supportive and he was like, ‘Man I should hold a sign that says, ‘I’m a hoe too!’ Rose said. I was like, ‘That would be really great for feminism! SlutWalk, you know you’re a rapper and Black men are always looked at to be very hyper-masculine and I think this would be a great moment.’ He was like, ‘Yo, I’m down!’ I got the sign made and everything and he held it up and then after that, I think the internet just went in on him too much and it just wasn’t good after that.”

Amber Rose also spoke about 21 Savage and how he acts in a relationship.

“Obviously I seen a very soft side of him but I think that he’s scared to be loved. I think he has his own trauma, his own sh*t with him. I mean, I wouldn’t have been with him for a year if he was just not loving at all.”

It would appear Amber is working hard to get that clout on the meter high as she works to get her Onlyfans popping to try and save herself from failure to bank roll her lifestyle hence all the tea!

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