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America Holds It’s Breath Tonight As Trump and Biden Exchange Razor Thin Margin Leads

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are battling razor thin margins in key battleground states now most polls have closed in the US presidential election.

It is going down to the wire in Florida with 93% of ballots already counted, while places like Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina look too close to call yet.

Counting is under way as well in other “toss up” races, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, with projections showing Mr Trump and Mr. Biden have both taken ten states each with none flipped yet.

In traditionally “ruby red” Texas, Mr. Biden seems to be making inroads, increasing his vote share in Tarrant and Harris counties, though only 76% of votes have been counted.

The Republican incumbent is waiting in the White House to discover if he will get four more years there or become the first one-term president since 1992.

He admitted earlier losing would not be “easy” but is still publicly optimistic about his chances.

Mr. Trump said the result should be declared as soon as possible, telling campaign workers at their headquarters in Virginia that:

“I think we should know what happens on the night… You can’t have these things delayed for many days and maybe weeks, you can’t do that. The entire world is waiting; this country is waiting but the entire world is waiting.”

His Democrat challenger is in Wilmington, Delaware, where a podium has already been erected for him to make an “address to the nation” in front of a drive-in rally of supporters.

Mr. Biden spent the day in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania – the same state he paid three visits to on Tuesday in a sign of how highly he values its prize of 20 Electoral College (EC) votes.

So bullish is he that the former vice president wrote a note on the wall of the living room in the house he grew up in that said:

“From this house to the White House with the grace of God.”

The national early exit poll of 12,600 voters appears to favor Mr. Biden, showing the proportion of white voters is down by 6% to 56% compared to 2016, while the number of college graduates of all ethnicities is up by 5% to 45%.

White non-college educated voters are therefore down by 6% to 33% compared to the last election – potentially problematic for Mr. Trump given they were his core vote.

In Georgia, the regional exit poll suggests Mr. Biden has won over more white voters – 30% – compared to Hilary Clinton’s 21%, while Mr. Trump’s support among them fell from 75% at the last election to 68%.

A Democrat has not won the state since 1992, but Mr. Trump last time achieved the lowest share of the vote of any Republican since 1996.

In Kentucky, another state where polls have closed, the president is holding his vote in rural, small population areas. But in places like Fayette – urban and where 43% have degrees – Mr. Biden is currently leading by 73% to 25%.

The figure is expected to change but Ms. Clinton only achieved 51% in the same area.

In Ohio, the exit poll shows white non-college educated people made up 53% of voters – up by 10% from 2016. Mr. Trump is leading with that group on 58% – but took 63% of them last time.

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