Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
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Their discourse has become so public and refused to go away that we are now reporting on it! At first when it happened, we chose to forgo the story to respect their privacy and let them solve their problem in private as a child was involved but this couple just won’t stop!

Now Anthony Lindsey came out just a few day ago in great agony because he was hurt and broken that his best friend for years had done the unthinkable and took his own baby mama to bed while he was fighting cancer!

He literally says he was in the middle of treatment and chemo for cancer when the two were f’ng around!

Now he wanted answers after he found messages of them talking about how good their time together was and planning on take two!

Well the drama began slowly but sure unfolding from there! After a couple of days Ryan would show some sort of arrogance declaring on Anthony that;

“I slept with that b*tch and it will never be a problem between us!”

At this point it felt like Ryan was saying that Anthony’s baby mama Nina Marie belonged to the streets and so sleeping with her was just another day on the streets and shouldn’t be a problem between the two of them or their friendship!

Well that did not go down well with Anthony who didn’t move his posts of demanding to know why his best friend would do such a thing to him!

So, this would prompt Ryan I guess from some sort of guilt and after a whole load of bashing from internet people to come forth with an explanation of his side of the story!

But Ryan decided to accept responsibility for his actions instead confessing to sleeping with Nina a couple of times while also being best of friends with Anthony!

He was of the opinion that the internet was gonna bash him anyway and so telling the truth was a better option!

So upto this point everything should have gone away and people begin focusing on healing and finding ways to move forward but Nina Marie the baby mama appeared to have beef with everyone involved and promised to come forth with her truth!

Now when she landed with her truth, things took a different turn with her accusing her baby daddy of domestic violence!

She says she wanted the internet to know the real Anthony; the person they were so badly defending for he is not what he seems to be!

In part I of her breaking down the truth according to her she noted that;

“I decided in the beginning of this year that I was going to touch on some experiences I’ve gone through in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, but with everything else that has transpired it has overshadowed my true intentions in shedding light on the things that have happened in the past 6 years involving Anthony and I. This was me on two different occasions. The first photos are from when I was nearly 5 months pregnant with our son Caydenn, and the last few photos are from this past March. With it being October and Domestic Violence Awareness month I wanted to tell my story of abuse and what I’ve been doing to try and heal from it. When I met Anthony it was a whirlwind, I was young, naive and in love. I jumped into a relationship with him without knowing the true person he was. A master manipulator , he easily maneuvered his way into my life and slowly gained control. The first incident completely caught me by surprise, I was so in love and felt totally betrayed. I never knew him to be abusive. A woman he was seeing at the same time he was seeing me tried to warn me and showed me proof with photos and messages. When I confronted him about it he denied it and manipulated that entire situation so that I’d believe that the other woman was crazy . After the first round of abuse I immediately obtained a restraining order and tried to move forward. Newly pregnant and alone afraid of what was to come for me as a single mother I let him back into my life when I was almost 9 mos pregnant. After Caydenn was born I decided to stick with his father and work it out to try give my son the life I never had which was one with a complete family and both biological parents in the household.”

She would could in a second part point out that;

“For the first 6 months of Caydenn’s birth it was bliss . Happiness because a new life was brought into this world. Soon I would experience complete emotional and mental abuse and manipulative behavior from this narcissistic man. March would mark the last and final time I would experience his abuse. That time I was completely incoherent and woke up out of that incoherence to being choked to the point where i would fall in and out of consciousness. For two weeks it would hurt to swallow. What I came on here to say is that no matter what kind of hold or power a man or woman has over you this is not acceptable. The person that I trusted to protect me and LOVE me ended up intentionally HURTING ME. Knowing that I was defenseless and weak BOTH times. This man has hurt me over and over and over again and over and over and over again I’ve forgiven him. What hurts the most is the one time I make a mistake, which in my opinion is not as traumatic or terrible as what he has done, and he decides that publicly bashing me is the way to go when I’ve consistently dealt with our issues PRIVATELY. Abuse comes in different forms , physical, but also mental and emotional. Even after the past abuse , I STILL decided to try and forgive his behavior for the sake of OUR child. Even after it all I never disclosed ANY of this information to our child and always portrayed his father to be a good man to him. This entire time Ive handle these situations with grace and I’m privacy. I wanted to tell my story to help other women in similar situations to say that you should be strong and resilient ! Listen to your intuition and don’t succumb to a narcissistic or abusive partners manipulation. There are so many resources out there for us women that offer so much support so please know you are not alone! I’ve decided to come forward to also shine a light on the person you strangers are out there defending. Someone who’s true life doesn’t reflect the person he is out there portraying himself to be. I’m posting this so you all can see who I’ve been dealing with and who is really behind the phone screen dragging my name through the mud when in actuality he is a terrible person himself.”

That was quite the information to dig in and she had pictures for evidence as well of the injuries she got from the said attack on her by her baby daddy Anthony Lindsey.

But that was not the end of this ugly story that was getting worse by the hour because as this drama unfolded today, Anthony Lindsey would take to his Instagram account and had his own information to counter respond what Nina was saying!

He strongly indicated that he never touched her! He says on that said night he was the victim and pulled out a police report indicating of the same!

He says she came to the club where he was at and started acting up and began fighting him before she then started acting the victim false-fainting!

But it didn’t take long before Nina Marie was back with her own lot of evidence that showed that she had on that night gone to hospital and was treated for her injuries as well as made her own police report!

Including adding that she also reported something else she thought may have happened on that night although she was not sure because she was drunk on the particular night and Anthony could have done something else on top of attacking her without naming it!

So this is where they have gotten at and I feel like these are two people who have been bottling stuff up without addressing it and it finally got out of hand!

I mean if they have police reports dating as far as March this year that says a lot with the kind of life they live and then go all out on each other in October!

But that was all driven by the cheating scandal which is now getting covered up by all these other allegations being thrown around!

Let us know what you think on the comments down below what you think of this drama and if it continues to unfold, we will keep you posted!


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