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Australian actress Isabel Lucas says she ‘opted out’ of receiving a COVID-19 test while filming the movie Bosch & Rockit in Byron Bay last month.

The 35-year-old anti-vaxxer made the admission on the alternative health podcast, Alfa Vedic.

‘I gave my duty of care of what I could offer to respect everyone’s health and maintain my own health, and I shared that, and I opted out of doing the COVID test,’ she said in quotes published by the Brisbane Times.

‘Everyone was really respectful and really honoring of, like, how to maintain health while this very tricky time is underway. But I needed to do that. I felt like it was quite an understanding, relaxed group of people.’

Isabel insisted that she has a healthy immune system due to her healthy lifestyle and that most of the people on set were wearing masks.

‘My immune system has just become so solid from my way of life, how I live and eat and think,’ she explained.’

‘So it was a really beautiful experience all up, even though people were wearing masks most of the time and adhering to those rules.’

Producers of the film have since stated that COVID testing was a mandatory requirement of filming.

In a statement, producers Tyler Atkins and Cathy Flannery told the Brisbane Times that they were not aware that Isabel hadn’t been tested until the publication contacted them for comment.

‘Every cast and crew member was required to sign an acknowledgement that they would adhere to the COVID-Safe guidelines adopted by the production, which included an acknowledgement that they had been COVID-tested prior to principal photography,’ said a statement from the film’s production company, Black Pearl Productions.

‘Isabel’s recent statement that she was not tested is inconsistent with the producers’ understanding that she had complied with the COVID-Safe guidelines adopted by the production.’

Back in August, Isabel was caught going to great lengths to stay anonymous during a Zoom call with COVID-19 conspiracy theorists and lockdown critics.

Covering her face with a black hoodie and mask and using the alias ‘X’, the anti-vaxxer told her co-panelists that she needed ‘to be careful about being outspoken’ because she was a famous Australian film and television actress.

‘I’m here, and I don’t want to be anonymous, but I am about to start filming a film, and I do need to be careful about being outspoken because you can get dropped from charities, you can lose campaigns with car companies,’ Isabel said.

‘It has happened to me in recent times for speaking out. I feel careful, and I don’t want to elicit any aggressive, threatening responses.’

Isabel said she felt ‘100 per cent called to shine a light on the reality of what’s really going on’ in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown directives.

‘There’s a certain level of agenda and darkness that has had authority… and that has had a lot of people believing lies,’ she said in the Zoom chat with other well-known figures in the anti-lockdown and anti-mask community.

She also claimed that she met several doctors while living in California who dropped out of the medical field due to ‘corruption’.

‘All of what they were speaking about is what we’re facing right now. When we are in a fear state, we just follow what we’re told’.

Isabel said that at the beginning of the pandemic in March she was asked by her local council to film a video calling on locals to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus.

After signing on for the campaign, Isabel revealed that she regretted appearing in the clip during the Zoom chat.

‘I saw that there was all these other great people doing it and it’s that sort of thing where you can get looped in without realizing you’re being looped in,’ she said.

‘But those with a strong conscience and strong integrity won’t as easily sell out.’

Isabel is also outspoken about 5G and has a link in her Instagram bio directing fans to where they can ‘find out more about 5G’.

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