Asian Doll Denies Ever Stating That Her Contract With Her Gucci Mane Led Label Demanded She Enlarge Her Boobs

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Rapper Asian Doll has found herself in place where she now understands what it means when folks say, “the internet never forgets!”

The rapper at one point in her career got signed to a label. This is the dream of every rapper well at least it was in the yester years because now the vibe is stay independent and stuff but yeah so Asian Doll got signed and she was all happy!

In fact she was a lil too much extra with it that she started talking about the details of her contract. She went on to reveal that for her to put pen to paper, ink to her future the contract with 1017 that is the Gucci Mane label, demanded that she must move her boobs a couple of Ds up!

Now that word must have gotten to the management and they demanded she must withdraw it! Well Asian Doll did them one better, she denied ever saying that and says people are trying to edit her to state that!

The good old statement that has broken so many futures! Lol!

Now we got the two videos here, so we want you to check them out and let us know how do you fake Asian! I mean Asian is Asian there is not breaking that mold!

The fact is she said that and the fact is she did it on her IG live and the fact is she is now denying it So what is the truth?

Is Gucci out here forcing women to enlarge their boobs or what?

This is a developing story.

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