Australian Woman Bashed Senseless By A Lawyer She Met On Tinder

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An Australian woman has told the harrowing story of how a holiday romance turned into a nightmare when the man she met on Tinder allegedly savagely attacked her.

Perth mother Karen Sadler was holidaying on the Spanish island of Ibiza last week when she matched on the dating app with a 48-year-old father.  Ms Sadler told Maybach Media she was drawn to the man because of his charm, good looks – and the fact he had children.

The pair first met when he hosted a party at his villa in Ibiza, where a number of tourists and their children attended. ‘He was the perfect host, he was very charming and the perfect gentleman,’ Ms Sadler said.

She slept on a couch in a spare room that night. The following evening, Ms Sadler and the man went to a seafood restaurant, before she stayed the night at his villa – again, in the spare room.

‘He was still really nice, he wasn’t sleazy at all and was just very charming and normal,’ she said. The next day, Ms Sadler brought one of her girlfriends to his villa, where they played with his young daughter and swam in the pool.

It was then Ms Sadler says she noticed the first of many red flags with the man who had charmed her for the past two days.

‘I noticed he was acting a bit manic, he was racing around while we were swimming in the pool, she said. And he was a heavy drinker, he would have three bottles of rose in one night’.

After crashing in the spare room with her girlfriend that night, the friends awoke the next morning to hostility from the man. ‘He said to me “you’re welcome to stay here but not your friend. This isn’t a hotel. I want you here but not her”,’ Ms Sadler said the man told her.

Ms Sadler said his demeanour became more concerning from that moment on. She claims he became possessive and bombarded her with phone calls and texts throughout the day, asking where she was.

The man then became upset when Ms Sadler said she wouldn’t get dinner with him that night.

‘He told me he was busy that night and I didn’t want to overstay my welcome, so I told him I would come and pick up my suitcase from his villa,’ she said. He started being a bit weird, and he said “look this isn’t the Ibiza way, if you were 20 I would have had you”,’ she said.

At around 6pm that night, Ms Sadler got a taxi to the man’s villa, which is a 45 minute drive from the main tourist hub of the island.

‘When I got there my case was sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me, but I went to knock on the door to thank him for his hospitality,’ she said. He said to me “your suitcase is down there, but by the way Karen” – and then out of nowhere he suddenly king hit me. He hit me with such force that I didn’t see it coming’.

He allegedly punched her so viciously she fell down a flight of stairs. ‘He went from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde in a split moment,’ she said. Luckily, Ms Sadler’s taxi driver was still waiting for her and witnessed the alleged attack.

The driver bundled the concussed mother into his car, and raced to a hotel where police and ambulance were called. Ms Sadler suffered a concussion, a swollen and cut eye, and large amounts of bruising.

On his profile, the man claimed to be a Harvard-graduate lawyer and businessman who now lives in Switzerland.

‘I love good food and red wine. I have a five-year-old daughter in my care and an excellent relationship with her mom for 20 years. I am secure and know what I like and what I want,’ his profile bio read.

Ms Sadler said that in hindsight, there were warning signs about the man’s honesty from the beginning.

‘At first he told me he was a lawyer, then he said he was a real estate agent,’ she said. Then he said that he used to move money for rich Russians when he lived in Switzerland, and that he hides out in Ibiza.’

The man spent two nights in police custody but was released so he could take care of his young daughter. Ms Sadler now has a lawyer working on the case, while investigations continue.

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