Bam Margera Kicked Off Airplane For Allegedly Being Too Drunk And Insulting Airport Police

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Bam Margera spazzed out at the Atlanta airport.

The details surrounding the event are still murky, but according to reports, the former Jackass star was removed from a flight for hurling obscenities at airport police.

Per reports, Margera was either drunk or under the influence of drugs while on the plane. But when asked if he was drunk, the skater replied by saying he had “50 shots of tequila” before calling the officer an idiot because he actually only had one drink.

Margera recorded this as well as other exchanges with employees and posted clips of his conversations to his Instagram.

As stated, it’s unclear if he was taken into custody for his behavior. One of the clips show an airport official offering to send him to a hotel of his choice. He then posted a video on the plane claiming that he is on his way to Austin, Texas where his therapist will meet him when he lands to discuss the event.

Since Friday, Bam has been publicly attacking the people close to him. This includes fellow professional skater and CKY Crew member, Brandon Novak, his wife, Nikki, and his mother, April.

Prior to his outburst at the airport, Margera posted a series of text messages between himself and his Novak that detail their issues. He also posted several pictures with lengthy captions in which he directly attacked his wife and mom.

“Go bite the big one, i am nikki, the ruler of bam and castle bam ummmmm. No, bam makes the rules of bam and castle bam APRIL!!! NIKKI!!! Duhhhhhh,” Margera wrote. “Both of you go fuck yourselves. April margera i will never forgive you for treating my fucking near death nervous breakdown like the phillies just lost. Tranfer my fucking money to the account that i can only access!!”

Bam has battled with substance abuse in the past. In January, Bam announced that he was checking into rehab for the third time in hopes to beat his addiction to alcohol.

Along with addiction, Bam Margera has also had nervous breakdowns. Despite this, it is unknown what’s prompting this behavior. Yet a source close to him told The Blast that they’re “taking his current binge very seriously.”

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