Bam Margera Released From Jail Following Trespass Arrest Looks Unbothered

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Bam Margera was worse for wear after being released from police custody.

The “Jackass” star was seen outside the LAPD station on Wednesday, hours after he was arrested for trespassing at a hotel on Sunset Blvd. He was released shortly after noon on his own recognisance.

Seconds after walking out of the station, Bam lit up a cigarette and waited for his car to arrive. A mystery woman was with the star, and she appeared to be scolding him after the arrest.

As we reported, Bam was charged with misdemeanour trespassing after arriving “highly intoxicated” at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on Tuesday night.

After he was told no rooms were available by a hotel employee, Bam allegedly became irate and escalated the situation until the police were called.

Bam had agreed to go to rehab and we were told his mom and wife played a huge part in getting him to agree to go. The former “Jackass” star agreed to seek help for substance abuse and mental health after sitting down for an interview with Dr. Phil.

He had hopped on a plane headed for Texas, and claimed that he was willing to go get checked out.

The program Bam had agreed to enter was a live-in facility that would aggressively work with him for an extended period of time, which could have been anywhere from 60 – 90 days.

Bam has not made any public statements since his arrest, but now that he’s out and has his phone back, we can all expect an Instagram post in 3,2,1…

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