December 7, 2021

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Band Brass Against Lead Singer Caught On Tape Urinating On A Concert Goer On Stage Mid Show

After being caught on camera urinating on a concertgoer, the lead singer of the band Brass Against claims she was ‘carried away.’

When the band, known for their metal covers of bands like Smashing Pumpkins and System Of A Down, took the stage at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona to perform Rage Against The Machine’s Wake Up to a packed audience, the shocking footage was captured.

Singer Sophia Urista was seen lowering her pants and squatting over a man who was lying on stage after telling her fans she needed to go to the bathroom but was unable to.

“Get my man with the can on his head ready,” Urista was heard saying earlier, according to reports. “We’re bringing him onstage and I’ma p*** in this motherfucker’s mouth.”

She is said to have said, ‘I need to go.’ Even the bathroom is out of the question. So why not make a spectacle of it?’

Many people have posted videos of Urista peeing on a man’s face while she sings with her pants down. The band continues to play, and the audience reacts with gasps and cheers.

It wasn’t long before the singer was seen laying a towel down over the area after she had pulled up her pants and told a man to get off stage.

‘Sophia got carried away,’ the band tweeted on Saturday in response to the incident. That’s something none of us expected, and it won’t happen again at any of our performances.

In appreciation of your efforts in bringing it to the party, Daytona.

As the band responded to concerned and curious punters, many social media users wondered if the man involved had consented to being urinated on by the band itself.

Other than peeing on or assaulting someone, what else could have happened?’ wrote one social media user.

Take a break, go pee and then resume the show.

Second, do what Fergie did. “[in response to Fergie’s revelation that she once wet herself on stage] I’m not surprised.”

‘3. For another 15 minutes, I held it.’

The band responded to this by saying, ‘We appreciate the feedback and we won’t be doing that again, but there was no assault there.’

According to the band, ‘Sophia actually cleaned up the mess herself’ when another inquired if the mess was left for cleaning staff. Paper towels and Lysol.’

They insisted that the audience knew what was going to happen when people asked if they did. There were a number of rumours about peeing before it actually happened. “Standing room only.”

Urista, the band’s lead vocalist and one of the band’s most vocal defenders, was called ‘truly disgusting’ by some, but the band had its supporters, with one saying: ‘She did nothing wrong it was metal as fuck!’

‘Spontaneous and outrageous’ was how one person described it. “I will come to one of your shows if you promise this happens again,” one Twitter follower wrote. “The true spirit of rock n’ roll.”

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