December 1, 2021

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Bella Varelis Reveals New Details About Romance With Jimmy Nicholson

Bella Varelis, the runner-up on The Bachelor, confessed in March that she had a brief flirtation with Jimmy Nicholson after Locky Gilbert rejected her.

And now, the 26-year-old has spilled the beans on their brief romance.

She told the Daily Mail Australia, ‘I broke up with Jimmy, Jimmy didn’t break up with me.’

She said she started dating Jimmy, 31, after a mutual acquaintance introduced them shortly after Locky’s painful rejection.

Bella previously told The Wash about her connection with Jimmy, describing him as a “very nice human” who “deserves to find love!”

It comes only days after Bella disclosed that she had a connection to Holly Kingston, this year’s reported finalist.

‘I’m biased because Holly is my buddy,’ she said to followers during an Instagram live with her boyfriend Will Stokoe.

She hasn’t had a date with Jimmy yet, but their chemistry is obvious… ‘I believe Brooke or Holly will triumph.’

While the remainder of Jimmy’s dating history is unknown, Bella has previously gone on dates with other Bachelor contestants.

Last year, she was linked to Adam Todd (Becky and Elly Miles’ 2020 Bachelorette season) and had a brief connection with Samuel Johnston (Georgia Love’s 2016 Bachelorette season).

On Instagram, Bella and Samuel have Jimmy as a common friend. Sam’s brother is a pilot, which could explain how the two met or became friends.

While Jimmy searches for love on the 2021 Bachelor season, Bella announced her relationship with photographer beau Will Stokoe on Instagram in February.

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