Beyoncé is one rare enigma that touts our streets and very secretive even to how her life works!

You won’t believe there is this one time I saw Beyoncé get a man to arouse her during a photo shoot to ensure her chest had the correct optics for the branding she was packaging around her music!

That one moment has never left my mind to date and it was in a documentary a long time ago!

Anyway, I brought that story back so I can show you how powerful she is in terms of a voice in matters romance!

So, it’s nighttime and things plus people are closing the day down probably even changing into their Pajamas and boom that’s when Beyoncé jumped on the internet!

Bey had one message and sending a tweet she made it known to women what they were supposed to be doing tonight!

“Give that man some head”

The queen said! Question is are women listening?! But it was a retweet from Michelle Obama that had us still in the office going; “Whao”!

I mean can you imagine Michelle going down on her knees on Obama and best believe she retweeted that sh!t coz!

And don’t forget Beyoncé is going down somewhere tonight on Jay Z and that is also crazy to even fathom! Ok bye!

Check out the tweet below and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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