Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
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Billionaire Kylie Jenner whom Forbes stripped of that tittle over not being an actual billionaire and concluded she was worth something like $900 Million, is flexing her deep pockets hard!

Kylie and Travis Scott revealed their daughter Stormi was going to School and she was excited about her first day in school!

But it is what followed next that is about to define debate for the next few days!

Stormi is shown in a video dancing and screaming around about going to school being the kid she is but at one point she turns around and shows the bag she is taking to school and whoa!

The kid is carrying an Hermes bag which on our quick check online costs over $23K. We were left wondering which school she was going to and if she had security and were other kids allowed to touch or wait a minute, is she gonna put the bag down?!

Well those Qs remain unanswered but even before we could stop being shook, we are informed that is not the only Hermes bag she has and that she has them in different colours; red, pink, black and a cute blue!

In quick math that would leave your pocket with a dent of over $90K! Well that just blew us away!

Check out Stormi carrying her Hermes bag below and let us know if you are shook like we are and what are your thoughts?

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