Bezo got beat up almost to death and that is literally by NBA Youngboy and his crew.

The whole drama started after NBA Youngboy songs got leaked like 6 of them and then an internal investigation was instigated and on closer look at Bezo’s phone they found some sort of evidence on his Instagram that he may have been leaking the songs because one of the songs leaked was his and it led them to having a look at him!

According to our source, Bezo had on his phone evidence that he was sending industry cats drops and NBA Youngboy’s music and so they showed the rapper who then went off on Bezo and okayed his beat up.

Now after he got beat up, he was taken to hospital where he was placed on induced coma and the drama began from there!

Bezo is the same guy who called NBA Youngboy a rat claiming that he was talking to the FEDs and that is why he kept getting a chance out of jail everytime he got locked up!

Now Birdman who has been mentoring NBA Youngboy apart from signing him on his other label, unfollowed the rapper and deleted the picture they took together following this drama!

According to our source NBA Youngboy and his crew meant to kill the man as they gave him the beat up of his life pistol whipping him and everything!

His mother has since spoken out telling NBA Youngboy they should have done their research better because her son did not have anything to do with everything!

And she is talking about riding for her son to the end and is demanding answers! She is thought to have been the one who reached out to Birdman and got talking to him about the whole thing before Birdman got deleting and unfllowing Youngboy.

Let us know what you think of this drama.


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