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Black Couple Profiled At UMI Atlanta Calls Out Rapper T.I. For Half Baked Apology From The Restaurant Owner

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T.I. after getting wind of what a black couple went through at UMI Atlanta, the rapper now turned activist took to his IG page and threatened to lead a protest against the establishment.

It wasn’t long before he was granted a sit down with the owner of UMI restaurant and proceeded to listen to him over what had gone down at his place.

But while T.I. thought he was doing good for the culture and more so for the family involved, the rapper found himself dragged online for what many viewed as half-baked apology from the owner of UMI.

In addition, people online felt his orchestrated apology was not helping the matter because justice needed to be seen to be done for the couple!

But T.I. would get his efforts discredited by the couple after they took to their own Instagram page to point out that they had seen what T.I. did and were not impressed!

They proceeded to lay out their concerns in a video indicating that the so called sit down between T.I. and the UMI owner did not acknowledge what happened to the couple or touch on how they felt or what needed to happen for them to get justice.

To this point they pointed out that they did not have any issue with T.I. but did not want attention taken from UMI to T.I. as they encouraged people to keep applying pressure on the establishment.

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