Blueface Introduces His Two Girlfriends Says He Is Living Under One Roof With Both Of Them Happily

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Rapper Blueface is a man of means and his demand has he revealed can’t be handled by one girlfriend as he revealed he is in a committed relationship with 2 women.

The rapper giving a PSA he showed off the women adding they were not his thots but that they were his girlfriends who he added they were committed to him before he asked to them to confirm it on camera.

The two girls who looked proud to know the man and also of his intro about them to the world could not hide their smiles and wanked their tongues for the camera.

Blueface is actually living under one roof with the two girls in his new mansion and according to him, they were best friends and okay with their arrangement.

Check out the video below as the rapper introduces the girls and let us know what you make of her flourishing life! Is he biting too much or he will be okay and are you doing the same thing or have you thought of doing such a thing and if yes what is driving your intentions?

Discuss on the comments section below. We read all your comments.

Watch Blueface girlfriends get the same tattoo as him among other stories in the video below;

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