Blueface Manager Wack 100 Gets Into Full Blown Beef With YG Hours After His Song With Tyga And Blue Is Released

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Things are boiling over in L.A. as two big names from the West Coast rap scene are at each other’s necks.

On Friday, Cash Money West president and famous hip-hop manager Wack 100 took to Instagram with a sub at rappers portraying a gangster image.

One thing I respect is this – Blueface came into this rap game Crip’n,” the screenshot reads. “The Game came into it Piru’n – Mozzy came into it Blood’n – some of you n***as was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy you a set.”

If that wasn’t enough, Wack captioned the post: “Wish a n***a would say a word I’ll [embarrass] the fuck outta n***a playing with me !!!! Enough is enough if it’s on let it be on.”

The fact Wack didn’t say directly mention anyone in the post seemed to have rubbed YG the wrong way. The rapper took to the comments where he let it be known how he feels.

“You shoulda @‘d me big gangsta og piru god father,” YG said. This prompted Wack to make things official by going after YG and his image.

“@yg @DefjamYG was how you came into this shit ! I think you bigger than the funk!” Wack responded. “School Yards saved your ass at that studio wasn’t no Damu’s #BigWy coached you on your first ‘BLOOD’ verse to come out your mouth! If it was a problem N***ga i told @Tyga to take us off and by the way I got the screen shots your team ain’t loyal. You better bick back.”

Wack then posted another screenshot to his Instagram account that insinuated YG isn’t really a Blood.

“I guess some of these so called [red] rapper was birthed as [blue],” Wack wrote. “Explains why they so dam hard… KEEP PLAYING WITH IT IMA INTERVIEW A FEW OF MY PARAMOUNT PARTNERS MAYBE DAY VIEW A FEW OF THESE [PHOTOS] & VIDEOS,” the caption reads. “SMH LIKE I SAID YOUR A #LILNIGGA IM KNOWN FOR DESTROYING A N***A.”

In YG’s defence, the rapper never ran from the fact he used to wear skinny jeans and make jerking music. But it seems like there has been some behind-the-scenes problems with Wack and YG. Hopefully these issues get resolved in a peaceful manner.

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