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Boosie Badazz Went To Eat At Waffle House And Sat In The Restaurant

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Boosie Badazz has been on the news lately and mostly because he lost his account to Instagram and this set him back miles but he is not giving up and has since been trying every trick on the book to get it back!

The latest move as we reported yesterday, the rapper offered Mark Zuckerberg $100K to get his account back of course which as we noted was laughable given Mark was a billionaire and probably using that type of amount on a daily.

But that aside and the rapper also hit the headlines after revealing that he was in this season receiving over 5 top end cars just to thank himself after a hardworking season!

Boosie already received the Rolls Royce truck and Maybach v12 2020. He is awaiting a bunch of other cars as we reported yesterday.

But it is probably is humility and simple life despite having the best life has to offer that Boosie is hitting headlines with today.

Boosie went to Waffle house and even checked himself in and sat in the restaurant with the rest of the diners and had his dinner before checking out!

That was one amazing move given it is not on every day you have your favorite celebrity check himself into a fast food for dinner and actually take it there!

Check the video down below and let us know on the comments down below which celebrity would love to meet at the fast food joint of your hood for dinner and actually have a sit down with them through the meal!

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