December 7, 2021

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Boosie Calls A Man Homophobic Slur After Being Questioned Over Lil Nas X Music Playing On His Television While On Live

This Friday (November 5) appears to have been swarming with news about Summer Walker’s Still Over It and Kanye West’s interview with Drink Champs, but an alleged near-argument involving Boosie Badazz has recently surfaced.

Earlier on, a video of the rapper went viral in which he is seen on Livestream when Lil Nas X’s song begins to play in the background.

Boosie noted that it was playing on his television and that he does not despise the young rapper.

“I don’t have anything against the dude to the point where when I hear his music, I run and turn it off,” Boosie said in the video.

“Man, y’all people are screwed. I don’t despise him… I simply put people in their place when they step out of line, bruh. I don’t despise dude.”

However, another video has emerged in which Boosie is confronted by a Lil Nas X fan while out in public.

Because there are clearly videographers and a boom mic visible, it appears to be a scene or sketch. In the video, a man approaches Boosie and refers to Lil Nas X as his “niece” before becoming aggressive with the rapper.

“Whatever the f*ck you is, you better get the f*ck [out of here],” says Boosie. He added, as he was whisked away, “B*tch, f*ck you! B*tch, f*ggot ass!” We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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