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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Has Filed For Divorce From Kanye West


Not even the genius effect could keep her around!

Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West after seven years of marriage, MM has confirmed.

Kardashian’s well-known divorce lawyer Laura Wasser filed the papers on Friday.

Back in January, we reported that Kardashian, 40 and West, 41, were headed for a split.

The couple had already been in the process of dealing with property settlements, and while West was photographed this week still wearing his wedding band, separate photos of Kardashian indicated that she had already started going without hers.

Earlier on in the week we reported about Kanye not doing very well following the imminent divorce as he and Kim were already living separately and he wasn’t handling the kids being away from him very well!

A lil birdie also told MM that the two had been co-parenting for months as they had been living separately as far back as end of 2017!

This is a developing story…

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