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BREAKING: Lakers Dwight Howard Exposed By His Alleged Boyfriend After He Dumped Him Upon Arriving At The Bubble & Winning The NBA Title

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Dwight Howard has the spotlight after winning NBA title with Lakers and it’s an amazing time for him but other topics about his life are trending and covering his recent achievements!

We reported yesterday after his baby mama called him out for being a dead beat dad! The said baby mama was so pissed off at him she claimed she was going to leak more information on the star regarding his pervasiveness!

Well we have been on the lookout for this but before she even came out another bigger story has taken Center-stage!

A man alleging to be in a romantic relationship with the star has come forward!

Going by the name Dracco, the man told MM that he was with Dwight for an entire month before going to the bubble with a promise to bring him over!

However the boyfriend tells MM that the NBA star began ignoring his text messages and he could not figure out why until he saw Dwight on social media with a lass being introduced as his new girlfriend!

Dracco would start throwing a tantrum about Dwight not answering his messages drawing attention to the breaking story!

Dracco tells MM that he has receipts, messages, videos and he is willing to share them at anytime proof is needed to confirm his romantic relationship with the star!

The boyfriend tells us he is hurt and heartbroken about the whole situation and wants the world to know he has been used!

check out the messages of our chat with Dracco and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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