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BREAKING: NBA Youngboy Got Shot At 9 Times On His Truck In The Ongoing Bezo Beef

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NBA Youngboy crew is in the middle of war and the streets around wherever they are aren’t safe at all! Apparently, the rapper got shot at just a few days ago and the alleged shooters were trying to kill him and unloaded on his truck 9 times!

This went down according to our source last week on Saturday but because his truck is bullet proof and it’s one they had at the time, nobody got hit and NBA Youngboy is said to have been safe and they managed to get away.

You will recall another time that NBA Youngboy before his arrest got on live on his Instagram account and showed off his guns and while at it thought that a car was trailing them.

NBA Youngboy got into it with Bezo and beat him up hard leaving him hospitalized and in an induced coma!

Now this Bezo drama has left his camp divided and there are two factions now! Those that stand with NBA Youngboy and those that stand with Bezo!

those that F with Bezo are said to be up in arms with NBA Youngboy and the streets are said to be heating up!

Bezo’s mother just called NBA Youngboy out and said it was whatever because she was standing by her son to the end and that the rapper should have done enough research on the accusations that led to Bezo being beaten up and it was what it is!

Now Birdman also unfollowed and deleted his picture with NBA Youngboy after the incident because apparently he is Bezo’s uncle in real life!

It’s believed NBA Youngboy got to the end of his patience after Bezo got on live and started calling him a rat and accused him of telling on a few people even dropping names!

NBA Youngboy at this time was also dealing with his songs leaking out and was trying to figure out how his music was getting out!

Now his team is said to have started an internal investigation where they released 6 tracks at once and watched and apparently found even more tracks out apart from the ones they released.

Upon close scrutiny they are said to have been suspecting Bezo whom they checked his phone and found evidence he was sending drops to industry cats all over!

The beating that left him in a coma happened at that time complete with pistol whipping and everything!

It’s crazy out here and you won’t believe this man is expecting 2 babies at once and has all this time to be entagled in all kinds of beefs!

What a time to be alive! This is a developing story! Keep it here!

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