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BREAKING: Offset Got Into A Dangerous Public Altercation With The Police On Live

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Rapper Offset got into an extremely dangerous and public altercation with the police on his live after he was pulled over for allegedly showing a gun out of his window.

According to the police, they received information that a black male was pulling a gun out of a window on the road and so that is why they made the stop!

Upon approaching Offset, the rapper refused to comply and went on live on his Instagram with over 25k people watching while he got into a dangerous altercation with the police officers!

The rapper defended his actions noting that he was defending his property after a person struck his car with a stick that had a flag on it!

It is this self-defense of himself and his property that another by-stander noticed and called the police!

In what appears like a scripted play from one of those situations that have gone wrong in the past with a person shot dead, Offset refused to turn off his car, refused to open the door and refused to obey any instruction the police were giving him!

He noted that he was not going to move his hands because the police had guns on the ready to shoot and he knew if he moved his hands, he was dead!

Offset challenged a police officer who tried to open his car door telling him that it was illegal to do so. The police officers finally opened the door for themselves and pulled him out of the car with the live going off!

Offset was then arrested and booked on charges that have not been made public. Cardi B was then seen at the station working on getting the rapper out.

We will keep you posted as we receive more information.

In the meantime, watch the video of the rapper exchanging words with the cops below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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