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BREAKING: Shooting Has Happened At MoneyBagg Yo Birthday With Ari Fletcher Almost Getting Hit

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News reaching our NEWSdesk is that a shooting has just happened at Moneybagg Yo birthday with Ari Fletcher almost getting hit but her friend getting shot twice!

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the shooting happened just a while after Ari Fletcher presented Moneybagg Yo with a brand-new Maybach 2020 series as his gift for his birthday!

This gift comes after the rapper had gifted Ari with a Lambo truck for her birthday.

Now the video we have shows Ari walking towards the venue of the birthday party and all over a sudden gun shots are heard with everybody scampering for safety with Ari ducking hard!

She was not hurt in the fracas, but it must have been scary for the lady who was just out to show a good time to her man!

It is not clear how bad her friend was hit at this time, but we are keeping our ear on the ground and will be keen to update you once we get more information.

Also not clear is where Moneybagg Yo was as the gun went off but it is safe to say he was not at the particular scene and this shooting may have been targeted to Ari!

Scenes from before the shooting show a series of parties and celebrations of Big Bagg’s day and everyone is in good moods and even Ari is in good moods!

Check out the video below and let us know what’s your take on the comments below.

This is a developing story…


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