January 24, 2022

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BREAKING: Victoria Records 1,419 New COVID-19 Cases And 10 Deaths

Health Minister Martin Foley has said that he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the Omicron strain of COVID-19 was already in circulation in the state, and the state has documented 1,419 new cases and 10 fatalities as a result of the outbreak.

There are already 12,728 active cases of the virus in Victoria, and 527 people have died as a result of the current Delta epidemic, according to the latest figures.

The health department said Tuesday that a duplicate death had been deleted from prior reporting.

At this time, there are 288 persons in the hospital with COVID-19, with 41 of them in critical care and another 20 on a ventilator.

In addition, 50 patients were in critical care, but their illnesses were no longer deemed active, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The number of Victorians admitted to hospitals has stabilised at about 300.

The number of patients admitted to hospital, admitted to intensive care unit, and admitted to ventilators, as recorded by the Victorian health department each day.

The additional instances were discovered among the 70,343 test results that were obtained the day before.

In addition to the 4,019 doses of vaccine delivered at state-run facilities yesterday, extra immunizations were administered at GP clinics and other locations as well.

According to Health Minister Martin Foley, there have been no instances of the Omicron strain COVID-19 in Victoria so far this year.

In response to the worldwide spread of the variation, which scientists are still trying to comprehend properly, the state enhanced its quarantine rules for overseas visitors to the state.

“Given the arrangements that we’ve seen in New South Wales and throughout the world, we wouldn’t be shocked if it [the Omicron version] is ticking along somewhere out there right now,” Mr Foley said.

“However, there have been no reports of instances so far.”

According to the minister, he is “hopeful” that the state’s contentious pandemic law will be passed by parliament later today, after a long session of the upper chamber earlier this week to discuss modifications to the legislation.

According to Mr Foley, “it will provide us with a framework to maintain Victoria open and keep Victoria secure.”

It is necessary for the law, which provides legal authority for all Victorian pandemic measures, to return to the upper house for a vote this morning before being sent back to the lower house and then returning to the upper house for a final vote this afternoon.

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