October 19, 2021

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British Musician ‘Beaten To Death And Thrown In River After Argument’ In Georgia

The body of a British musician was discovered in a river in Georgia after he was beaten to death and dumped there.

The brawl between a group of local men and guitarist Thomas Kennedy broke out while he was drinking. The 28-year-body old’s was discovered on October 8 in the Mtkvari River near the village of Kvakhvreli in Gori municipality, according to local media reports. He lived in Gori municipality.

Four Georgians, including a kid, have been arrested and face a prison sentence of 13 to 17 years if found guilty of the murder charges against them.

Following the event, the British Foreign Office said it was offering support to Mr Kennedy’s family and in contact with Georgian authorities.

Mr Kennedy was a student at a local music college when he arrived in Georgia on 30 August, according to Georgian news channel Mtavari TV. Police discovered Mr. Kennedy’s phone at a local pawn shop after his death, according to the station’s story.

The musician’s family described themselves as “completely heartbroken” by his passing.

‘Life will never be the same again without our lovely gifted kid,’ they wrote on a GoFundMe campaign page, ‘He died violently and tragically.’ The website was set up to help fund the repatriation of Mr Kennedy’s body to Ireland, where he had lived in County Mayo.

The Covid-19 restrictions have made it extremely difficult to send Tom back to the United States, so we’ve created up a GoFundMe page to raise money to do so as quickly as possible. The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust will help the family pay for the trip back to County Mayo, where the man was born and raised.

“We are in contact with the local authorities following the death of a British man in Georgia and are offering support to his family,” a Foreign Office official told The Independent.

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