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Rapper Cardi B came out yesterday guns blazing to defend her husband from cops yesterday!

A new video shows Cardi B jump out of her Rolls Royce ready for whatever as police took Offset in cuffs!

Cardi B’s hysterical reaction was brought on by the police bringing Offset to the back of his orange Jeep to place him in cuffs.

“They have a gun! He’s not armed! My husband is not armed,” continued Cardi.

While police later acknowledged they had picked on the wrong guy, the Offset situation could have gone very wrong!

According to police, they had received a call that a person fitting Offset’s description was driving around while pulling a gun through his window on other road users!

Offset would however argue that he only did that once after Trump supporters hit his Lambo truck with a handheld flag pole!

But the police did not wanna here and tried to get Offset to take his hands off the steering to get them all kinds of registrations they were asking for!

Offset however didn’t respond to their demands indicating to them that they had their guns drawn and removing his hands from the wheel would only mean death!

Police forcibly opened Offset’s door even as he protested they didn’t have any power to open his door and proceeded to cuff him!

Upon being cuffed and being forcibly dragged out of his car and into a police car, that’s when Cardi B lost it!

Checkout the video below and let us know what you think the comments down below.

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