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Cardi B Deletes Her Twitter In What She Says Is Her Fans Thinking She Is Jojo Siwa And Can’t Run Her Life

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Save for dramas going on with Cardi B and her fans on the internet, the rap star looks like he has a story to tell about people around her! From her former managers, lawyers to her own team!

Every time Cardi B goes off on her fans for getting involved in her life, she doesn’t stop talking about how everybody around her from her own lawyers to her own team want to take money from her!

She keeps repeating these words; ‘everybody is trying to take advantage of me! They don’t care about my future, they don’t care about the future of my daughter, they all trying to benefit themselves!’

This has left us wondering what drama goes on in Cardi B’s life that we never get to hear about because now according to her, she has fired everyone, and she is running everything by herself!

We have reached out for an explanation, which we may get or may not but there is story there and we will keep pushing until we understand what is going on!

In the meantime, Cardi B has explained why he deleted his Twitter account and notes that her fans have been disrespecting her!

First, she went to explain that her fans think she is JoJo Siwa! Noting that she was not 17 years old, she was a grown woman, a rapper, and a businesswoman!

She broke down the situations that were getting to him revealing that she didn’t feel good when her stylist was harassed, when her fans harassed Offset and so forth!

She told off her fans telling them that sometimes they act like she is sleeping with him!

Cardi B revealed that she didn’t have a manager! She was making her own deals and she had to ask Offset for advice! She noted she uses lawyers upon lawyers to check out her deals, so nobody is trying to swoop her under the carpet!

She talked about all this revealing that Offset wasn’t the only person she was worried about in life and that she was running an entire empire by herself and that’s why she smokes! Noting that her fans kept coming at him about smoking because Offset is stressing her!

Cardi B told off her fans and told them they were aggravating him over their behaviors!

Cardi B since her birthday after getting back with her husband has been on crossroads with her fans and she keeps getting into fights with them online as they try to save her from her husband!

Check out the video below Of Cardi B explaining why she deleted her twitter account in detail and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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