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Cardi B and her husband Offset are back together but it seems at this rate her fans think something is amiss with her and congregate on the internet to discuss the matter they did and without their queen’s approval and when she got wind of the matter she lost it!

Cardi B took to Twitter to directly get into an exchange with fans who thought she was losing her mind going back to Offset who they categorically think is the wrong husband for her!

In her retaliation, she spared nothing and came hard on the internet in-laws who were trying to point out that Offset is an abuser and continually continues to emotionally torture her and she can’t help it because she is hooked!

Cardi B hit back telling her fans to back off and to mind their own business telling them she is living her life just as they were living theirs!

In a gesture to troll them she made a video apologizing to them for living her life! Telling them that she was sorry because she was living that way because she was letting them down after giving birth to Kulture with them, and having all these things with them!

Of course the video trended while the fans continued to explain to her why they wanted to save her is because she deserved better!

Cardi B explained that she wanted whatever she wanted and not what they wanted arguing that she was with Offset out of choice and that she didn’t understand if her fans wanted her to stay single or what!

She even took it further insulting them telling them not unless they wanted to give her to their fathers to leave her alone!

Now Cardi B would then make a video mocking them on the kind of things they say concerning her life before noting that she couldn’t go far from Offset because the D was good and that was the only reason she was sticking around not because he was buying her cars or houses or anything on that level because she could get her own!

Cardi B would also hilariously reveal that there were many men shooting their shot at her but noted that they were calling her big head and she didn’t like it!

She then went on to explain everything about the size of her head plus why they might have thought she has a big head! LOL!

Check out the videos below and the posts she was making on Twitter and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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