Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
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UPDATE: Cardi B has finally decided to reveal who she had an issue with and since then the internet is on fire!

The rapper revealed that she was referring to Candace Owens who she says has been barraging her online for her political inclinations.

“I’m doing a video on my IG in a minute …I want you guys to listen!”

She says because she chose to support Joe Bidden and has always used her platform to share her views on where she has put her political stand, Candace has always come for her because it wasn’t Trump she chose.

Cardi B also added that Candace was against her song because it was a hit in more than 3 countries and that she couldn’t stand her success.

“The type of people that drag me all day online all cause I hate trump.This girl tho she makes me sad.She have a identity issue.She hates her own kind.I never fucked a white men so idk how good white duck is to make turn against my own race but this girl is six months pregnant harrassing all cause of a song Called WAP and Trump .Well I hope I made your bay kick sweety.”

Well it didn’t take long before Candace herself responded with a sizable amount of exchange then being witnessed between the two thereof.

Cardi B looked to finish the online exchange by noting that she didn’t have time to fight with Candace and asked her to keep off! Well you can bet on it, that didn’t do it for Candace who continued with her attacks!

Check out their string of exchange below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

ORIGINAL POST: You can count on Cardi B to bring all the weirdness online! From taking and posting videos of designers touching her all over the place to bringing the WAP heat, she is a whole vibe!

The rapper who is riding high on his new monster hit WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion poster a weird black video at night with lights off seeking answers from her followers!

Cardi B can’t stand people who try and begin crazy rumours on her or weird stuff online!

So she sought to know when they get down to it what do they want from her! What do they want her to do!

While she didn’t name names or target specific people, the rapper went all in asking for answers from her followers.

Check out the video below and let us know what you make of Cardi B’s video and what advice or opinion can you give to her.


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