Cardi B Needed Help To Get Into Her Van After Met Gala And Her Security Had To Lift Her Into Her Waiting Van

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Cardi B needed a little help scaling the steps of her awaiting SUV as she left the Met Gala in her quilted and feathered Thom Browne gown Monday night.

The singer snuck out the back door of New York’s most extravagant event at 11.30 pm last night but was unable to climb into the vehicle without help from a burly member of her security entourage.

The I Like It songstress squealed as her security guard gripped her under the arms and lifted her into the car on the count of three, seen in video obtained by

Cardi left the venue in a scaled down version of her enormous gown, shedding the creation’s enormous quilted train adorned with 30,000 feathers. New Yorker Michal Jacob, 23, who captured the moment on camera, said Cardi was extremely gracious and waved to fans waiting behind a barrier.

Michal, a real estate broker, said: ‘I was standing at a little entrance at the back of the Met when Cardi came out. She couldn’t get up the three steps of the black SUV waiting for her.

‘Her security guard gripped her under the arms and said: ‘One, Two, Three’ before lifting her into the vehicle. She squealed as he lifted her before she sat down. She waved to her fans. I think because she’s a New Yorker she has a lot of time for her fans in New York.’

The source said Cardi struggled to walk in her ruby gown, even after it had been scaled down before her exit. Michal said: ‘That dress was so bold. It was so out there. But she could barely walk in it and definitely couldn’t lift her legs.’

Cardi B made sure to emphasize her enviably post-baby trim midriff when she swung by the Met Gala in Thom Brown. The 26-year-old superstar had beaded nipples on her red ensemble, which cinched in over her belly before spreading out into a gargantuan round train.

Her getup was made of a thickly quilted burgundy fabric, which had stitching in concentric circles working its way inward from the hem. Cardi’s shoulders were covered in feathers and so was her skintight headpiece, to complete the night’s theme of ‘Camp’.

There were glittering crimson beads over her decolletage, matching a beaded vertical strip over her crotch and an upside down heart over her derriere. It took five men in black suits to carry the star’s dress feather trimmed train as she moved in and out of the event.

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